Micah Friez

Boys & Girls Club unites with Bemidji State in mission to serve Bemidji’s youth

By Micah Friez / March 14, 2024

Every day, the Boys & Girls Club of the Bemidji Area is flooded with kids. And welcoming them with open arms are some of Bemidji State University’s finest.

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Mark Backlin helping 80,000 patients and counting in medical missions to Ecuador

By Micah Friez / March 1, 2024

Mark Backlin, a 1979 Bemidji State University graduate, has facilitated over 70 medical missions to over 220 Ecuadorian communities in the past 16 years. He and his teams have helped more than 80,000 patients with sometimes basic, yet often life-changing, care.

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Pong Yang, son of Vietnam War refugees, afforded newfound opportunities at Bemidji State

By Micah Friez / February 20, 2024

Pong Yang’s journey to Bemidji State University truly began with his parents, Tom and Michelle, who were refugee survivors of the Vietnam War. Their determination was the “spark” that made Pong want to attend college, and he described donors as the ones who help ignite that passion.

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Surprise swindler at Battle of the Mascots in the wind; Bucky Forever Fund unaffected

By Micah Friez / February 5, 2024

Local authorities are seeking the public’s help to locate the swindling ox who made off with the coveted Battle of the Mascots trophy on Saturday night.

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Momentous momentum: The Bemidji State Alumni & Foundation’s 2023 year in review

By Micah Friez / December 31, 2023

As the calendar turns over to 2024, there’s one more item on our 2023 to-do list: Look back on the year that was.

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Inspired by grandparents, Bella Vannavong pursues medical vocation behind door-opening scholarship

By Micah Friez / December 15, 2023

Bella Vannavong was inspired to enter the healthcare field so that she could create a better life for people like her grandparents. Vannavong is also the recipient of the Sam & Peggy Johnson Scholarship in Biology, and because of her donors’ support, she’s able to pursue an education at Bemidji State.

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Career Services helps Peyton Barber map job path to The Travel Chalet

By Micah Friez / December 4, 2023

When Peyton Barber first applied to work at a travel agency, she didn’t even have her own passport. But, thanks to Career Services at Bemidji State University, she booked a new professional path anyway.

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The heist in Deputy Hall: Investigating the ‘smoothly executed’ safecracking caper of 1955

By Micah Friez / November 22, 2023

From breaking and entering to cracking the safe to drowning evidence in a riverbed, here’s how unidentified thieves coordinated a heist in Deputy Hall – and how Bemidji State Teachers College still came out on top.

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Bemidji High, Bemidji State faced off in ‘city championship’ series 100 years ago today

By Micah Friez / November 16, 2023

On March 16, 1922, Bemidjians packed inside the town’s new armory for a battle of two fresh rivals: Bemidji High School and Bemidji State Teachers College.

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60 years after graduation, alumna Margaret Laurich makes first Homecoming return

By Micah Friez / October 6, 2023

When Margaret (Hanka) Laurich graduated from Bemidji State College in 1963, she bid farewell to Bemidji for more than half a century. But after 60 years away, Laurich made her triumphant return to campus at Homecoming this fall.

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