Thousands join Bucky’s Hoedown in lively Bemidji State Homecoming week

By Micah Friez / October 3, 2023

What do you get when you combine a beaver, the Wild West and thousands of alumni and friends? One heck of a Homecoming week for Bemidji State University.

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Happy Homecoming! Here’s the hoedown lowdown on this year’s events

By BSU Alumni & Foundation / September 25, 2023

This week, we’re painting the town green and going all out for one of the best traditions on campus. Here’s all that we have in store for Bemidji State Homecoming.

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Supporters make 2023 a banner year through summer fundraisers

By BSU Alumni & Foundation / September 22, 2023

The numbers are in, and it’s official: The summer of 2023 was a banner year of summer fundraisers for Bemidji State University.

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Bemidji State University awarded $2.5 million grant for STEM students

By Molly Houts / September 20, 2023

BSU has recently been awarded a $2.5 million S-STEM grant from the National Science Foundation that will benefit current and future low-income students who are pursuing a bachelor’s degree in an approved STEM discipline.

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From the archives: ‘Footnotes in stone’

By Northern Student archives / September 15, 2023

Some would have found difficulty in finding space for the many footnote stones necessary to mark the continual changes that have been made in the status of B. S. T. C. For even to those who have grown along with it, the development of the College has seemed almost phenomenal.

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A record-raising Howe-Welle ‘remarkable’ in the eyes of Ruth Howe

By Micah Friez / August 30, 2023

Even as someone always ahead of her time, Ruth Howe is still blown away by how far the Beavers have come.

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Gallery: Root, root, root for the Twins during BSU Night at Target Field

By Micah Friez / August 28, 2023

Bemidji State University alumni and friends were taken out to the ballgame on Friday, Aug. 25, for the always-festive BSU Night at Target Field.

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Gallery: New beginnings at Bemidji State as move-in day arrives

By BSU Alumni & Foundation / August 17, 2023

Hundreds of Bemidji State University students, along with loyal family members and friends there to help, found their new on-campus rooms during move-in day on Thursday, Aug. 17.

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Descendants of Bemidji hero Jack McCormick reclaim lost history on campus

By Micah Friez / August 15, 2023

More than 80 years after his death, John “Jack” McCormick still stands as one of the greatest athletes Bemidji has ever seen. And on Monday, he was reunited with his family.

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Bemidji community bids farewell to Bensens in spirited send-off

By Micah Friez / August 11, 2023

In a spirited celebration of Jim and Nancy Bensen, BSU and the Bemidji community bid farewell during Thursday’s send-off reception and basked in the contagious Bensen zeal one last time.

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